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Meet Debra

Business Coach / Consultant

Debra has been an entrepreneur all of her adult life. She started with an in-home daycare so she could stay home with her children. That was just the beginning of her entrepreneurial quest. 

After school struggles with her oldest child being academically gifted and the second child having multiple learning disabilities, she found herself homeschooling. It wasn't her first choice, but it was the best choice for her family. As the children became teens and she still homeschooled she found that helping them to follow their own interests and create businesses based on those interests was a great way to homeschool. The businesses they created for each of their six children was their homeschooling curriculum. Those interests varied from small appliance repair, beautician, welding, videography, Tae Kwon Do school, to food truck owner. 

Using businesses to teach her children taught them language arts through communicating in person, by phone, or by written communication. Learning to price their services and products, calculating percentages for hair solutions, measurements for welding taught them real-world math. Serving a wide variety of people from different cultures by interacting with people throughout the world taught them social studies and cultures. Creating hair products and mixing metals taught them science. It was a great way to experience a real-life well-rounded education. 

Once friends and family saw the success that the children were having, other people started bringing their children to be "homeschooled". There were MANY through the years. 

During that time, others noticed Debra's many successes in multiple businesses and requested that she coach them to find their dream business, their purpose, and how they could have the ability to live life on their own terms.

As those businesses took off there was a need to learn to grow their businesses beyond their own skills and abilities and then on to being business owners where they didn't have to be "at work" every day which led to scaling their businesses. 

For the past 30 years Debra has coached, mentored, and built businesses with over 200 entrepreneurs.  Over these years she has tailored a coaching program that guarantees you will have the business you want, enabling you to live the life you yearn for.

Her 12 Master Sessions,  "The Life I’m Living; Mastered” takes you through a business building step-by-step program to create you as the business leader that you are.
It may not be easy, but I can guarantee you it will be worth it!

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 I am passionately dedicated to making you a success.  I have grown companies as diverse as steel erectors, construction, hair salons, martial arts school, skincare, virtual assistants, and mental health advocates.  


They may seem different to you, but to me they are businesses with entrepreneurs yearning to be a success.  And they have been.

Debra McClaughry

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