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We are each at different places in life. Our dreams, goals, and the difference we want to make in the world is what makes us all unique. How you accomplish all of this is just as unique. Join me on the journey of entrepreneurship as we create your own personal roadmap...if you dare. Choose where you are starting from below and schedule your "$1 Clarity Session" to discover your destination.


Do you know what your dream life looks like? Think about that for a moment. 

You know you want to start a business, but what business? 

Where do you even start? 

You're afraid you'll fail, succeed, lose money, not do it right, risk everything! 

But just IMAGINE:​

Waking up excited Monday morning ready to start work because you love the business you have created, instead of being tired from the lack of sleep due to the Sunday dread.

Or sitting down to plan a family vacation because you have the time and the money, without having to get approval from your BOSS..

Take the plunge! Schedule your "$1 Clarity Session" now to discover your dream life, business,  and how to create financial and time freedom. I promise the adventure to be a wild ride!



So you have a business, no time, and not enough money. Now what? 

As solopreneurs we devote every waking moment to our business, it seems like. You may be approaching burnout or your family is ready to leave because you are never there. You just aren't sure how to change it. 

Having been there, I completely understand! You didn't think you were starting a business to have just created your own job.


This is where a business analysis and some coaching can make all the difference for you. 

Business analysis - financial and systems and learning how to use your KPI's (key performance indicators)

Time management - Setting boundaries and learning a new way to function with productivity hacks.

Marketing - Reaching the right people without breaking the bank! 

With over 30 years of experience, I can show you shortcuts, hacks, and have contacts to help in the areas that you need so that you can finally achieve time and financial freedom


You've built your business and you no longer have to be there every waking minute. You have employees, things are going ok, but now what?

Now it is time to switch from business coaching to business consulting. This includes;

Business Analysis - Analyze financials, KPIs and management/team building

Create systems and strategies that take the need for you to be in the business and able to work ON the business

Create strategies to scale to meet your goals

Plan more for long term; taxation, succession, retirement, cash flow management, increase profits, and a commitment from owner and employees to create a win-win company for all. 

You've done a great job of conquering the hardest part of building a successful business. Now it is time to look to the future. I have experience in succession of a business, selling companies, and planning for a retirement that fits your lifestyle. Let's go through your personal journey together. 

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